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We simplify your marketing, establish strong roots for your business growth, create a supportive environment to cultivate your brand voice, and provide an actionable marketing blueprint — allowing you to focus on optimal patient health and financial prosperity.

We are experts in functional medicine marketing who thrive on helping MDs, DOs, NDs, PAs, and NPs grow their integrative health practices online, attracting the right clients with simplicity and ease.

We'd love to take 30 minutes to see where your functional medicine marketing strategy is making things tougher for you and give you (free!) valuable strategies you can immediately put to use.

You're doing everything right in your practice.

Your patients rely on you to help them heal from chronic illness, holistically manage their lifestyles, enhance outcomes, and lift their overall health and wellness.

But while you help them day in and day out, you're over here drowning in paperwork, stressing over income, and overwhelmed trying to figure out how to grow your clinic in an ongoing pandemic.

That's where we come in.

  • Are you tired of pouring money into marketing campaigns that seem to produce little to no results?

  • Are you exhausted from DIY-ing it because online marketing is way more complicated and expensive than you originally thought?

  • Are you wishing you had the expertise to retarget, bring in more leads or increase visibility to your practice in the online space?

  • Have you already experienced success in your practice but know you need to take your business to the next level?

  • Have you been burned before by other marketing companies that over-promised and under-delivered on service, support and results?

  • Have you given up on understanding online marketing?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, we understand your frustration.

Not sure where to start? Download our FREE "Ultimate Functional Medicine Marketing Checklist" for immediate, actionable ideas!

Root Cause Marketing is for you if...

  • You’re ready to finally make your functional medicine practice's digital marketing work without having to do all the “heavy lifting” yourself

  • You’re tired of going it alone, not knowing whether you’re on the right track or not

  • You want dedicated, customized support beyond what DIY courses offer

  • You want to better understand digital marketing - where you’re spending your money and how it brings results

  • You’ve run out of energy trying to keep with social media and all the updates that occur so frequently

  • You want to partner with a trusted company who understands your vision, aligns with your company’s values and has your clinic’s best interest at heart


Today, the majority of people research healthcare providers online before booking an appointment. A strong online presence is an excellent way to stand out and grow your practice. Functional Medicine marketing can help you create that presence by helping you:

  • Reach more potential patients

  • Show up first in search results

  • Get stellar reviews for your practice

  • Turn online searches into appointments

  • Educate patients about your specialties

  • Encourage potential customers to call

  • Get the ROI you need to grow your business | 520-502-2234

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