Who We Are

We are a focused digital marketing agency specializing in done-for-you brand and communication strategy, social media, sales funnels, SEO, advertising and copywriting for Functional Medicine practitioners. After years working in the corporate world, we realized we want to help others work ON their business rather than FOR their business.

Now, we raise Functional Medicine business owners to new heights with the power of digital marketing. We use the detailed technical skills that we have sharpened over our many years in corporate development to make sure you are getting the best results for your money.

Landy Miyake's experience as a health and wellness entrepreneur taught her about the importance of marketing to business growth.

Jennifer Wenzel uses her 20+ years of healthcare education and marketing experience to improve clients' online presence.

Root Cause Marketing is run by two women, former co-workers turned best friends and business partners, who team with Functional Medicine practices to help them bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to go.

We understand that online marketing poses very specific challenges. We are here to help Functional Medicine practitioners every step of the way in this exhilarating, yet sometimes quite overwhelming journey of marketing and advertising their practice.

There are so many questions you might have: How do I market my business online? Which social media should I use? How do I figure out what (and when) to post? How can I make sure I’m maximizing my marketing dollars in the online space? And those are just a few of the questions Functional Marketing practices have when it comes to online advertising.

We think of ourselves more as educators versus marketers, both for our clients as well as your potential patients. With Functional and Integrative Medicine not fully embraced by mainstream society, it is our mission to bring this specialty to the forefront so that people are more open and willing to learn about this unique and powerful branch of medicine.

We also believe strongly in educating our clients about marketing practices. You won't feel overwhelmed, confused, or perplexed when you work with us. Instead, we spend the time (if you want us to!) to explain what you're investing in, the processes we use and advocate, and the steps along the way - so you know what we're building to help build your business.

What Drives Us

Our Mission:

Root Cause Marketing's mission is to use education, content and ethical marketing practices to help Functional Medicine practitioners reach the people who need their skills the most, providing a financially and emotionally rewarding practice for providers and enhanced health outcomes for their patients.

Our Vision:

Root Cause Marketing is dedicated to collaborating with Functional Medicine providers, associations, and publications to publicize the benefits of this approach to health. Our vision is that Functional Medicine becomes the gold standard by which everyone measures healthcare. To reach that vision, we work with Functional Medicine practitioners using ethical marketing strategies and powerful automation tools so they can easily be found online and efficiently manage their practices to do the most good for the most people possible.

Our Promise to Our Clients:

Root Cause Marketing pledges to our clients that we will:

  • Provide an exceptional onboarding process and a world-class experience throughout the time we work together.

  • Partner with clients only when our core values are aligned and we’re confident that we can provide services that will get measurable results.

  • Provide each client our individual, focused attention and work directly with them. We will not pass our clients down to a junior associate.

  • Create stress-free marketing & advertising campaigns that garner fantastic results given the appropriate strategy.

  • Build a customized strategy specific to each client that aligns with their mission, vision and core values.

  • Maintain an open and collaborative partnership with each client we work with.

  • Provide clients with monthly status reports and to always be available to address any questions within a reasonable timeframe.

  • Provide a working partnership with the goal of growing your business through our core values of integrity, honesty, authenticity, and simplicity.

  • Provide our clients with peace of mind by educating them and helping them to build their marketing strategy in this modern digital landscape.

  • Take each and every client on a fully customized and guided journey through the best marketing and advertising strategies for their specific business and goals.

  • Use a story-based approach to digital marketing that attracts customers without high-pressure and unsavory sales tactics.

Core Values





Adhering to moral and ethical principles in every touchpoint and deliverable

Being honest, upright and fair in our pricing, policies, and interactions

Sharing our skills and knowledge about functional medicine and marketing

Removing stress, reducing complexity, and giving you time & freedom


We both come from educational backgrounds. Jennifer has worked in the online education space and Landy is a former health and fitness instructor and adjunct professor. We are both passionate about helping others, and particularly love helping to elevate Functional & Integrative Medicine practices to a place where they have time and financial freedom; to get their businesses to the place where they are able to be successful and live out their dreams.

Having a combined total of 25 years experience in the healthcare, wellness and fitness industries, we are excited and passionate for the opportunity to partner with Functional Medicine practices. We have an affinity for this specific scope of health care because we have both experienced wellness through Functional Medicine. We truly believe healing can begin from the inside out. By getting to the root cause of the problems, and treating that, then only then can true healing begin.

We are so excited to begin this journey with you. Reach out to us if you’re ready to increase your bookings and help more people. We’d love to help!

Jennifer & Landy

Landy Miyake and Jennifer Wenzel

Co-owners, Root Cause Marketing
(and strong supporters of Functional Medicine!)

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