How to Create Great Business-Building Videos in Two Specific (But Easy) Steps

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December 20, 20223 min read

Effective business videos can be simple and easy!

We wanted to share with you a recent video from a Tucson-area healthcare non-profit organization called Bio-Touch. The founders, Paul Bucky & Bev Wood, do a fantastic job of putting out videos consistently every week. This video struck a chord with us for multiple reasons, but what we wanted to illustrate in this post is how Paul and Bev created the opportunity to connect with their viewers on both a personal and professional level. 

In addition to the topic of ‘gratitude’, this video clearly and concisely explained the impact and the power of Bio-Touch. This simple, light touch technique, done with just two fingers, can help to ease symptoms of several health ailments such as arthritis, back pain, depression and migraines, just to name a few. 

We were inspired to share this video for two reasons: 

First, Paul shared a compelling personal story of the power of Bio-Touch during an emergency situation when his wife, Genny, had just fallen at home. They were both able to use Bio-Touch on one another. Genny used it on Paul to help alleviate his feelings of anxiety and Paul was able to use it on Genny as a way to help relieve some of her pain and to help bring down some of the swelling. In just 24 hours, the swelling was completely gone! 

Second, Bev connected the benefits of Bio-Touch to Paul’s story, saying, “In those moments, instead of feeling helpless and standing by as an observer, Bio-Touch gives us something to enter into immediately and begin to help that person. You can step right in with Bio-Touch.” She adds, “It gives you something to do for that person in that moment.”

Why is this video so effective?

Bio-Touch is a touch healing therapy that anyone can learn to perform effectively  at any age. This simple technique consists of lightly touching specific points on the body to enhance the body’s natural healing ability. Bio-Touch is a revolutionary complementary and integrative medicine approach, especially because everyone can practice it and it can be effective.

Paul and Bev told a story that will resonate with many people who are interested in healthcare content. As we age, we become susceptible to injuries, aches, and pain from both acute and chronic issues. But even younger people have experienced the pain of a sudden sprain, broken limb, or bad bruise from a fall. The story that Paul shared is relevant to just about everyone, in some way.

Then they followed this emotional story with great information about what it is they do in their non-profit organization: teach people how to perform Bio-Touch with themselves and their families and loved ones, for little to no cost to learn the technique. 

By showing the power of their teaching and then backing it up with information, they spoke to the heart and the mind, and made a very effective video.

Want to learn more about Bio-Touch? 

There are numerous resources to learn more about this revolutionary integrative medicine approach and see other videos Paul and Bev have created to promote their non-profit health organization. See below: 


Link to Monday Vodcast - Mondays with Bev and Paul:

YouTube channel:

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