Webinar: Closing Out Your Business Year Right

December 15, 20224 min read

“The idea is that if you build a half hour into your schedule, you're gonna guarantee that it gets done.” - Don Zavis, Tucson-based sales coach

Running a functional medicine practice barely gives you enough time for self-care, much less free time to reflect on the state of your business. However, closing out your business year is crucial to ensuring we go into 2023 with a fresh, clean slate, prepared for success.

International sales coach Don Zavis shares his favorite tips and tricks for closing out your business year the right way in the four clips below:

1. Go back through your calendar

Transcript:  We encourage you as one of the points [to wrap up your 2022] to look through your day planner, right? So whether you have an electronic day planner or a paper day planner and go back through your day planner and look at all the activities that you did, and maybe there was somebody back in February that you spoke with that would potentially be a wonderful prospect for you. That chemistry, you really hit it off. But for any one of a variety of reasons that you drifted apart, this is a perfect, perfect opportunity. Relationships, maybe if your business is the kind of business that does written quotations. You know, reach back out to the people that are there and tell 'em, listen, the quote that I gave you in August, you know, because of all the economic conditions in the world now isn't relevant anymore.

If you'd still like it, we can certainly talk about what that looks like. So, look through your emails, right? Most of your email servers will allow you to go back you know, in many cases multiple years, but at the very least, through the year. Go all the way back to January 1st and say, who did I email? Who did I lose contact with and never developed anything? Maybe somebody emailed me and I dropped the ball.

2. Sales quote follow-through

Transcript:  If you do quotes, for example, you know, go back and look at your quotes. Cause a lot of times we assume that because we didn't hear back from somebody after a quote, we lost the business. And in a lot of cases, nobody got it. So that's one aspect of closing your selling year, and the reason that you really want to make sure you close your selling year properly is really so you open your next selling year properly, right? You're not dragging these question marks into the new year. You're starting from fresh.

3. Free methods of getting revenue

Transcript:  People that are experts, they write books, they write articles. They do social media posts, they write e-books. They do webinars - exactly what you ladies are doing. They do conference calls. The people that are experts in their field generally are the ones that speak with a level of authority.

So that's a perfect opportunity to take someone who has no advertising budget and yet give them opportunities to do [outreach]. The idea is that if you build a half hour into your schedule, you're gonna guarantee that it gets done.

4. Schedule your most important tasks

Transcript:  I generally suggest for my clients that the activities that are the pay time activities that generate revenue historically are by far the most important.

So now you, you know, that which is not measured, is not done. So now you would go into your brand new 2023 calendar, and you are going to make an appointment every day from nine o'clock to noon - your prospecting time. And that could be networking groups, that could be cold calling, that could be, you know, coffee with clients or breakfast with clients, lunch with a client.

You're making an appointment with yourself to do these particular activities that are absolutely essential. You're blocking that time out. Continuing on the concept that we have, if you've determined, like in your business, social media being predominantly important, you're going to make a commitment and say from every day, from noon to one, during that time, I'm going to make a Facebook post, LinkedIn post, Instagram post, Twitter post. And that time is sacrosanct almost the same way as the nine to 12 would be in prospecting. And that leaves your entire afternoon, however, to do whatever you want.

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