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  • Increase leads and attract patients FAST

  • Magnify your online visibility

  • Attract patients to your practice

  • Build authority in your industry

  • Become the #1 trusted expert in Functional Medicine in your area

Removing the time and frustration of Functional Medicine marketing for providers

(We take care of your SEO, PPC, and CPC so you can take care of your patients' OAT, DUTCH, and GI-MAP)

We specialize in focused marketing solutions that work for your Functional Medicine practice. We start with a solid foundation in branding and messaging for strong, consistent communications. We then build out and optimize your website, create social media, write content, and build your overarching marketing strategy.

Take the Next Step toward Building Authority and Becoming the Go-To Functional Medicine Practice in Your Area!

Launching a solid, multi-pronged functional medicine marketing strategy builds your authority so that people choose YOU over the traditional allopathic medicine providers that may be in their insurance network. Our marketing services help build a strong case for why your Functional Medicine practice is worth the investment in their own health.

We find you leads, nurture leads into patients, and help happy patients refer others to you. We help turn your Functional Medicine practice into a functioning business that provides value, satisfaction, and financial freedom.

How we do this:

Messaging and Positioning

Our partnership starts with collaboratively developing a deep understanding of your target customers. Then we create a customized approach to market your unique practice to those customers.

Marketing Strategy and Implementation

We build a strategic plan aligned with your goals and objectives together and then develop inbound and content marketing strategies with clear steps to take to meet your objectives.

Social Media & Content Marketing

We engage in social media on your behalf, create text and visual content, and optimize your organization's social media presence. We write thought-provoking, memorable and engaging original content - such as blogs, articles, emails, video, webinars, and more - and share it in order to promote your business.


Search engine optimization focuses on promoting a website within organic (free) search results, with the aim of improving its visibility for relevant keywords and terms their target audience use. We help your website rank highly in search engine results by employing the latest techniques and processes so that it can be found easily on search engines like Google.

Sales Funnels

We craft sales funnels by linking our SEO efforts with content marketing. We create custom pages for each of your service offerings. Then, when future customers search for those offerings, find and then click on your website, they’ll be able to quickly find out exactly what you can do for them.

What do I need to do to get started?

  • Schedule a Growth Acceleration Strategy Call.
  • Select your marketing plan.

A Growth Acceleration Strategy Call is a free, friendly conversation that provides value to you right from the start.

What happens during a Growth Acceleration Strategy Call?

First, rest assured it is 100% complementary: There is absolutely no charge here. We want to get to know you and your business to see if we offer a solution that can bridge the gap between where you currently are and where you want to go.

  • We discuss the current state of your business: Here, you will explain your current situation - what's working and where you feel there is room for improvement. Although it may be difficult to articulate at first, this is an important step. You can't get to where you want to go without taking an inventory of where you currently are.

  • We take a deep-dive into your vision for the business: We absolutely LOVE this part of the conversation. We get to hear where you started, where you are and where you’re going. This is the fun part because we get to find out what excites you in the business and how that enthusiasm spills over into your goals and operations of your Functional Medicine practice.

  • We have a conversation about the obstacles you’ve experienced on your journey thus far: This part is sometimes difficult to talk about but it is imperative that we understand what has blocked your success up to this point. Once we know what those roadblocks are, we work together to come up with an effective game plan to overcome them.

  • Lastly, - if it makes sense - we may discuss potential next steps: This is not for everyone, but if it seems like a good fit, we may have a conversation about what we could do to move the needle for your business.

Being an entrepreneur is not easy, and sometimes it is a lonely road. We look forward to partnering with you and helping you grow your business to the next level and beyond! | 520-502-2234

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